Where used oil becomes a resource

In line with our holistic approach to recycling used oil as a resource, the collection of oily waste plays an extraordinary role in our value chain. We provide innovative and safe solutions for the disposal of oily waste. We use modern multi-chamber tank trucks nationwide. By covering the whole of Germany, we succeed in ensuring reliable disposal for companies of all industries and of all sizes. As a waste management company, we have the necessary expertise and approval for this.



We provide support and advice in all matters relating to waste disposal.

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Disposal Criteria

We are specialized in USED OIL AND oily wastes

Used oils, emulsions, brake fluids and antifreeze are the core of our collection activities. But we also support and advise on all issues relating to the disposal of other oily waste. Adapted to the respective operational requirements, we offer reliable disposal of other waste through our partner network. Our first and fundamental responsibility lies in the satisfaction of operational needs with regard to sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly disposal.

Quality Assurance

Safety and quality play a crucial role for us

Therefore, our drivers are regularly trained and trained regularly. We are also according to a waste management company and ISO 9001 certified. Annual monitoring audits of our tank terminals by TÜV NORD and modern equipment in our vehicles, such as special hose couplings, ensure that the liquid waste collection process remains safe and clean for everyone involved.


Environmental protection

The logistics chain always in view for efficient and ecological solutions

We have our own and rented tank wagons for the environmentally friendly transport of large quantities of used oil by rail. These are positioned at over 40 transshipment points throughout Germany. In order to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible, these tank wagons transport the liquid waste directly to our refinery in Dollbergen.


Base oil

Used oil is not just used oil

Used oil is our main raw material in the manufacture of our base oil. It is the source of our value chain, and it is treated as such. According to the waste hierarchy, the preparation for reuse and recycling is higher than the energetic recovery of waste. Therefore, our aim is not to label the valuable resource used oil as waste.

The storage, transport and processing of this raw material is subject to the waste oil regulation in Germany. It divides used oils into different collection categories. Some collection categories may be mixed with each other, others not. Limits and further information on used oils can be found below.




Getting the most out of emulsions

For some it's just dirty water, but there is still a lot in an emulsion that can be extracted. Emulsions and other oil-water mixtures can still take on a function in the economic cycle with the help of special processing technologies. To do this, we reliably dispose of the resulting materials and provide expertise and direct advice on all aspects of emulsions. Limits and further information on emulsions and oil-water mixtures can be found below.

Disposal service

Disposal of further liquid waste included

In addition to used oil and emulsions, other liquid waste is often produced. These are, for example, used brake fluids (AVV No. 16 01 13) or antifreeze (AVV No. 16 01 14) that contain dangerous substances. We also dispose of this type of waste reliably and on time throughout Germany. Whether through our own vehicles or through our partner network, we always find a solution for operational liquid waste.

Of course, the requirement of sorted storage also applies here, so that used liquid waste can be reliably disposed of and fed back into the appropriate recycling cycle. We are also happy to arrange the appropriate collection containers. 

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Waste disposal as a matter of course

In addition to the focus on liquid, oily waste, we also ensure that other operational waste is properly disposed of. With our long-standing partner network, we can also arrange other disposal services in addition to the service of used oil disposal, so that the service is guaranteed from a single source. The annoying selection of several service providers is eliminated and you have time to concentrate on the core business. We take care of the disposal!

We offer the following disposal services, among others:

  • Equipment contaminated with oilOil filter
  • Separation expectation
  • Separator disposal
  • Used tires

We are also happy to arrange the appropriate collection containers.


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