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We live sustainability

A world in which oil is also sustainable

Welcome to Germany's first and only company that closes cycles in the oil industry on a sustainable basis. From the largest disposal of used oils in Germany, through the patented and waste-free refining and processing to base oil, to the production of high-quality lubricants: AVISTA OIL Germany offers everything from a single source.

We professionally dispose any kind of oil-containing operating materials, provide professional advice on all issues relating to the disposal, transport and processing of used oils and oily waste, produce an excellent base oil in an environmentally friendly and waste-free process and sell lubricants for a variety of applications - from modern motor oils through to industrial and specialty lubricants.



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Our contribution to a sustainable future in numbers

A unique cycle begins with every drop of used oil collected. With this concept, we can not only conserve natural resources in the long term, but also ensure that future generations can enjoy a better climate on our planet. By joining our AVIeCO2 process, we close cycles sustainably. Everyone can be part of it and make a significant contribution to sustainability.

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Used oil

...processed since 2005

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Crude oil

...that had not to be extracted since 2005

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Co2 - saving

...achieved since 2005 compared to primary refining*

*  2005 year of introduction of the ESR technology