We are redefining refining

We are a pioneer in the circular economy. Born out of necessity at that time, today is the flagship for the sustainable use of natural resources. We have always set ourselves the goal of seeing waste as a source of new life. For this reason, every growth in our value creation is always a growth in sustainability for our planet.


The DEKRA-certified AVIeCO2 concept makes it possible. Find out more in our

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Save up to 1.530 kg CO2 with AVIeCO2

In our opinion, it is not only the technical, operational and qualitative advantages of ESR® that make the decisive difference to other methods of used oil processing, it is also the demonstrably better sustainability aspects of our base oil production process that make our technology a leader. We also have our sustainability advantage certified by independent institutes. As the only company in the industry, we have a DEKRA-certified process that verifiably emits up to 1,530 kg CO2eq fewer greenhouse gases than the production of base oil from primary refining. The AVIeCO2 concept makes it possible.

And our customers automatically join in: with every kilo of our AVIeCO2-qualified products, they too help to make the world better and to improve their own CO2 balance. Guaranteed and certified.

Sustainable refining

Another plus: The technology is far more efficient than other processes in the refining of used oils. As a result, a base oil is recovered that exceeds the base oil from crude oil refining in key performance indicators and protects the environment through sustainable recycling management.

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Innovation, courage, and the conviction that it's right

As early as 1951, the Dollbergen site began to think about the future in a sustainable way. A group of pioneers, courageous entrepreneurs, decided to innovatively solve society's problems. Raw materials were scarce, so new ways had to be found to meet the needs of the growing population. In the heart of the German oil region, work began in the early 1950s to give oil-containing waste a new life. First of all, used oils were collected regionally and treated in the refining plants in Dollbergen. The collection and production already  expanded in the 1960s. The used oil collection has been active throughout Germany since 1971 and the company has been the largest used oil collector in the country ever since. With organic growth in its own collection, but also strategic acquisitions, the growing demand for products from Dollbergen could be met. Today we are Europe's most important circular value creation company in the used oil sector and a pioneer in sustainable development.