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Avista Oil

The leading oil upcycling company
in Europe and the USA

With a current annual processing capacity of around 500,000 tons, AVISTA OIL is the leading used oil processing company in Europe and the USA. AVISTA OIL has a capacity of approx. 170,000 tons in the oil upcycling segment. We see ourselves as the technological leader in producing high-quality base oils and lubricants.

As a high-performing all-around enterprise, we serve our customers across the entire supply chain: from collection to upcycling to international marketing and distribution of base oils and lubricants.

AVISTA OIL is a pioneer in used oil upcycling. With refinery and collection logistics locations in Europe and the USA, the company has been excellently situated for over 60 years.

We offer our customers complete services for climate-friendly lubricant supply and resource-saving lubricant disposal. The result: eCo2 oils are environmentally-friendly, help boost cost savings and efficiency, and protect natural resources.

Company headquarters

Bahnhofstraße 82
31311 Uetze
Phone: +49 (0) 5177 85-0