That certain "+" in the group

KERNSSOLVAT base oils of API Group I++ are the central component of sustainable lubricants. Where common base oils of API Group I and I+ from conventional production reach their limits, the quality of our KERNSOLVATS only begins. The gentle and environmentally friendly process of recycling, creates a top-class base oil. It is ideal for use in various lubricants.

From a sustainability perspective, too, KERNSOLVAT base oils are unique: they contribute to the fact that over 30% less CO2-eq is emitted than this is the case with the conventional production of base oil from primary refining. In addition, KERNSOLVAT base oils ensure that natural resources are conserved and that health, climate and environment are protected in the long term.


Outstanding base oil quality

The AVISTA KERNSOLVAT impresses with:

  • Refining that is gentle for the molecules and does not unnecessarily separate any hydrocarbon chains, so that the valuable properties of the original product are retained

  • An almost waste-free production, in which mainly base oils of the API group I++ are created in different viscosities

  • A convincing technology that continuously delivers first-class product quality

  • Flexible applicability in different lubricants thanks to their above-average viscosity index, low sulfur content, low evaporation loss and low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)


Sustainability at its core - KERNSOLVAT base oil

Sustainability begins where waste is no longer waste. We have managed to give used oily waste a new life. This not only saves more than 30 tons of crude oil per ton of base oil produced, it also releases up to 1,530 kg less CO2eq. And best of all: With the help of the ESR technology, production is almost waste-free. Our base oils also have that certain "+" because they create certified benefits for the health of people and living beings on the planet and have a long-term positive effect on the climate. Less cancer risk potential, less consumption of natural resources, less acidification, less particulate matter, less eutrophication and less global warming potential. And this is certified by independent institutes such as ifeu and DEKRA.

More about Sustainability

KERNSOLVAT outperforms base oils from primary refining

In the viscosities 100, 130, 150 and 200, we produce outstanding base oils for a variety of applications at the Dollbergen site. The KERNSOLVAT is better than products from primary refining with regard to decisive aspects of the base oil quality. This is due to the gentle processing technology that processes used oils.

In particular, the high viscosity index of our base oils ensures that the KERNSOLVAT remains stable in the final application, even with fluctuating temperatures. The significantly low proportion of sulfur is advantageous for many base oil applications. A significantly lower evaporation loss compared to primary refining is responsible for greater safety and protection of human health at the application machines. In addition, KERNSOLVAT base oils have a much lower proportion of PAHs, which has been proven to reduce the cancer risk potential by 31 times.

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