Closing the loop sustainably - AVISTA Lubes

Thanks to our refining technology, a base oil for the future is created: extraordinary, sustainable and waste-free. But the cycle is only properly closed when finished lubricants are made from base oil. We have been producing our own lubricants for a number of industrial and automotive applications since 1951.

AVISTA – Advanced Lubricants Made In Germany

Our lubricants under the AVISTA brand are distributed worldwide. Regardless of the application that needs a lubricant, with the use of AVISTA you can be sure that you have made the best choice. The portfolio comprises more than 250 products and is basically divided into automotive lubricants and lubricants for industrial applications. Each product is optimized for the respective application and always guarantees the best performance for the required application.



Quality does not allow compromises

In addition to the careful selection of suitable components, our own product development and quality assurance department continuously ensures that only tested and verifiably proper lubricants leave our factory. In doing so, we strictly rely on cooperation with well-known additive manufacturers and strictly follow the specifications of the formulations required by the OEM. Whether fully synthetic or approved according to OEM, our lubricants contain exactly what is written on them. We don't fool anyone. Honesty and transparency are basic elements of our philosophy. This in turn guarantees us long-term, satisfied customer relationships.


First-class lubricants for the automotive sector

Regardless of which path you pursue, AVISTA lubricants give you the good feeling that you have made the best choice. Whether for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machines, in transmissions or for two-wheelers, AVISTA lubricants in the automotive sector have everything you need for perfect lubrication. 

The lubricant portfolio for industry and special applications

The product portfolio for industrial and specialty lubricants covers an above-average portfolio. In all product lines, we ensure compliance with the required and approved formulations. On behalf of customers, we also develop separate products according to the given requirements.


The sustainable component in lubricants

Thanks to our integrated AVIeCO2 value chain, we have the opportunity to offer sustainable lubricants with guaranteed CO2 savings. AVIeCO2 qualified products

  • They are characterized by outstanding quality properties based on the use of KERNSOLVAT®
  • Outperform products from primary refining in their capabilities for the respective application
  • Enable certification up to 1,530 kg CO2 eq savings per ton used
  • Are demonstrably positive for the climate

The AVIeCO2 CO2 savings certificates can be acquired when using AVIeCO2 qualified products. All AVIeCO2 qualified products are marked accordingly in the portfolio.

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