Innovation meets sustainability

Through experience, innovation and courage, we have succeeded in being unique at our refinery site in Dollbergen.

The leading technology in the reprocessing of used oils is our specially developed and patented "Extended Selective Refining". In this process, the used oil is gently cleaned of dirt with an environmentally friendly solvent. At the same time, the valuable and recyclable components of the oil are preserved. There is hardly any waste. The solvent is also prepared, collected and thus used again as often as required.

Extended Selective Refining - ESR®

We not only talk about modern technologies, we also use them! The innovative thing about our system, the "Extended Selective Refining", is that it works with almost no waste, is very environmentally friendly and conserves resources. With this system technology, it is possible for us to produce a quality of base oils that is outstanding in essential aspects. The technology ensures the complete preservation of the synthetic oils (XHVI, PAO). With our technology we guarantee products with which we clearly exceed the requirements of our customers.

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Single-origin collection as the key to outstanding products

All used oils and liquids containing oil are subjected to a quality analysis upon receipt. Only used oil qualities that are collected by type are used for the oil upcycling, because only such can guarantee an ecological recycling economy in the sense of resource conservation. Depending on this, the used oils and liquids containing oil are loaded into different storage tanks and processed according to their destination in the different processing lines. The most important and most complex processing strand for us is that of base oil production. Base oil is the basis for the subsequent lubricant production. When recovering base oil, the used oil goes through several treatment stages.


From used oil to dry oil

The used oils are dewatered with atmospheric distillation or under a slight vacuum. The aim of the systems is to separate water and volatile hydrocarbons (e.g. naphtha) from the used oil by distillation down to a residual content of approx. 0.1-0.2% by weight.

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From dry oil to flash distillate

The dry oil is fed to a so-called thin-film evaporation, where it is freed from gas oil components in a first distillation step before the desired crude distillates are produced in subsequent distillation steps. The raw distillates contain hydrocarbon chains in the boiling range between approx. 320 ° C to 540 ° C. To adjust the base oil fractions required by the lubricant market, the raw distillates obtained are fed to a fractionation system. The desired viscosity levels are generated here.

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From flash distillate to KERNSOLVAT® base oil

To remove the unwanted constituents in the base oil (e.g. PAHs), these are treated with the help of a solvent in a liquid-liquid extraction system. The patented and specially developed process is called Extended Selective Refining, or ESR for short. The base oil, which has now been freed of impurities, is the main component of the entire production process and is still referred to here as the raffinate phase. The solvent enriched with the impurities forms the extract phase. Both the obtained raffinate and the extract phase are separated from the solvent in further process steps. The completely recovered solvent can then be used again.

The high-quality base oils of the name KERNSOLVAT® produced in this way are sold directly or further processed in our own mixing and filling systems for various lubricant applications (e.g. engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, industrial lubricants). The innovation of the extraction technology developed independently by AVISTA OIL is that it works completely waste-free, environmentally friendly and conserves resources.

From base oil to lubricant

A modern inline blending system enables the production of high quality lubricants. With a standard product range of over 250 products in the automotive and industrial sectors, we offer our customers a wide range of products. Here, specially manufactured and purchased base oils as well as additives are mixed, filled and stored exclusively from well-known manufacturers into finished lubricants. The attached packaging department ensures filling from 1 liter to 1,000 liter containers. This means that up to 80,000 tons of lubricants can be produced here every year. We have over 3,000 EPAL storage spaces available in storage.

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Quality from door to door

All the necessary quality analyzes of the disposed oily waste are carried out in our certified laboratory. After the analysis, the used oil goes into the patented refining process. Unique, environmentally friendly products are created for a variety of applications. This is done with almost no waste. With our technology, we ensure that for every ton of base oil used from our process, up to 1,530 kg of CO2 eq are saved compared to base oil from primary refining.

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