One raw material, multiple products

Thanks to the technology applied, we have managed to get the best out of used oil. We give it a new life by  manufacturing high-quality new products through our process. We pay attention to the conservation of resources, the avoidance of waste and the maintenance of the highest quality standards. The product range extends from first-class lubricants for a multitude of applications, which are manufactured with the refinery's main product base oil, to refined products for industrial applications.

Base Oil

Base oil as the heart of production

Base oils are the main component of lubricants. They are also the heart of our production and form the basis for further use in various lubricants. These in turn become the starting point for our used oil collection. And the circle of sustainable value creation continues to turn. 

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Refined products for the industry

In addition to base oil, other products are also created when refining used oil. These products are valuable recyclates and witness great demand in industry and production. Refined products made from used oil are a sustainable alternative for users who care about the preservation of valuable natural resources.

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Closing the loop with finished lubricants

The circular econo,y concept is only complete when lubricants are produced. Our own lubricant production facility at the Dollbergen site was established in 1951. Here we use specially manufactured and purchased components such as base oils and additives to produce high-quality lubricants for the AVISTA brand. Our portfolio includes a variety of different lubricants for industrial and automotive applications.

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