Report suspicions

Compliance is the adherence to internal and external rules, principles and laws. It is equally important for every company to comply with applicable law and general principles of conduct. That is why every single member of AVISTA OIL, whether employee, manager or director, has to adhere to the jointly defined maxims of cooperation and to respect applicable law. This is an integral part of our Code of Conduct.

Our compliance whistleblower system is an instrument to ensure compliance with these various values and standards to which we are bound. Each individual member has the duty to behave compliant - that means in accordance with valid regulations - as well as the right to report grievances or suspicions. This can be done via the classic channels of direct reporting to the supervisor, the works council or the HR department, as well as to the compliance department. Everyone of these is obliged to follow up any information given on compliance-relevant issues. In addition, an online platform was created where information can be submitted completely anonymously.


The internet-based communication platform set up here provides the option of anonymously submitting compliance suspicions. It works in a pseudonymized, confidential and protected manner. If a confidential, pseudonymized report is to be submitted to the compliance department, this can be done via the following link to our company's secure reporting channel. It does not matter in which language the information is given.

Report suspicion anonymously

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