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For sustainable oil upcycling

Our expertise makes us a technological leader in oil upcycling. With an international collection and logistics network, and over 70,000 customers in Europe and the USA, large tank farm capacities, and long-term customer relationships, we have excellent access to used oil. We can react flexibly to market developments at any time through our storage capacities, ensuring loads are distributed optimally across our refineries.

Every year, over 500,000 tons of used oil and emulsions are delivered to the refining process to be turned into high-quality oil products and lubricants at our refinery and production locations in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Georgia, USA. We also have seaports available for handling large shipments of used oil and refinery products in Kalundborg, Denmark; Blexen, Germany; and at the Gulf of Mexico in the US.

High product quality through technological leadership

In our assessment, the leading technology in used oil refining is our “Expanded selective refining” process. During this process, used oil is carefully cleaned of contaminants using an environmentally-friendly solvent. The valuable, reusable components of the oil are retained.

Our patented “Expanded selective refining” is environmentally friendly. It creates almost no waste products. The solvent is also refined, reclaimed, and can be re-used as many times as desired.

Another bonus: The technology is more efficient than other processes used to re-refine used oils. This means we can reclaim a base oil that outperforms base oil from crude oil refining in key ways, while protecting the environment through sustainable recycling processes.