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We don’t just talk about modern technologies, we use them! The innovative thing about our “Expanded selective refining” is that it's almost waste-free, highly environmentally-friendly, and saves resources. With this system technology, we can generate an excellent base oil quality in many different aspects.

The technology guarantees full preservation of synthetic oils (XHVI, PAO).

This means we can use our technology to ensure customers receive a product that significantly exceeds their requirements.

This technology is patented around the world!

All used oil and liquids containing oil delivered for processing by tanker, tank car, or tanker ship, are subject to a quality analysis upon arrival. Only pure collected qualities of used oil are used for oil upcycling, since this is the only way to guarantee an ecological recycling system that saves resources.

Used oils and liquids containing oils are divided into different storage tanks based on this analysis and refined through our different refining processes depending on their intended use. The most complex, and most important refining process for us is base oil production, which is the basis for later lubricant production. The used oil goes through multiple levels of treatment during the process to reclaim base oil.

The used oils are dewatered using atmospheric distillation or light vacuum pressure. The goal of this step is to reduce the water and volatile hydrocarbon content (i.e. Naphtha) from the used oil to a residual content of approx. 0.1 – 0.2 weight % by distillation.

The dry oil is sent to flash distillation, where it is cleansed of gas oil components during an initial distillation step before the desired raw distillates in subsequent distillation steps. The raw distillates contain hydrocarbon chains in a boiling range between approx. 320 °C and 540 °C.
In order to produce the base oil fractions required by the lubricant market, the raw distillates produced are fed into a fractionation system. This produces the desired viscosity grades. In our process, we restrict production to three different viscous base oil output fractions.

In order to remove the undesirable components (e. g. PAHs) in the base oil starting fractions, they are treated with the help of a solvent in a liquid-liquid extraction plant. The base oil, which is now free of impurities, forms the refining phase with a low solvent content. The solvent enriched with the impurities forms the extract phase. Both the obtained raffinate and extract phases are separated from the solvent in subsequent distillation units. The completely recovered solvent can thus be used again in the extraction process. The refined products or Kernsolvat® obtained in this way are sold directly as high-quality base oil or processed further in our own mixing and filling plants for various lubricant applications (e. g. engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, industrial lubricants). The innovative feature of the extraction technology developed independently by AVISTA OIL is that it is completely waste free, environmentally friendly and resource-saving.