Groundbreaking technology

Pioneering technology for a sustainable oil cycle

Our expertise makes us a technological leader in oil upcycling. With an international collection and logistics network, and over 70,000 customers in Europe and the USA, large tank farm capacities, and long-term customer relationships, we have excellent access to used oil. We can react flexibly to new market developments at any time through our storage capacities, ensuring loads are distributed optimally across our refinery locations.

Global services at our refinery locations

In Europe and the American southeast – always on site: In collaboration with our customers, we pick up used oil from our customers directly at their locations. We use a fleet of roughly 170 specialized vehicles to travel via road and railway. A large number of loading terminals, a network of warehouses covering Germany, and our own port terminal in the Danish city of Kalundborg create a logistics network for used oil disposal.

This allows us to support our customers no matter their size or industry – from small companies to industrial groups – in disposing of used oil in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. Depending on your company's needs, we can provide on-call collection or handle regular fluid management for our customers.

All quality control required for the collection of used oil is completed in our ceritifed laboratories at all locations. After analysis, the used oil is sent to our patented re-refining process – efficient and environmentally-friendly upcycling.

As an all-around provider, we can also create all-inclusive packages for our customers: From initial consulting to formularies to final disposal, we provide all services related to upcycling.

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