Setting new standards with
AVISTA base oil Kernsolvat®

Base oil is a central component of many different lubricants – and a scarce, valuable resource. Upcycling to our premium base oil Kernsolvat® helps us make a key contribution to handling natural resources responsibly and efficiently.

Our upcycling technology retains the valuable synthetic base oil components of modern, high-quality lubricants: We believe “Expanded selective refining,” patented by AVISTA OIL, is the leading technology in this sector. Used oil is carefully cleaned using a solvent. At the same time, the valuable, reusable components of the oil are retained.

This helps us make a valuable contribution to environmental protection: The re-refining processes used in AVISTA refineries produce very little waste. The solvent is also refined and reused. The result: Our patented Kernsolvat® base oil out-performs base oil from crude oil refining, according to tests of key performance indicators.

Base oil

When we patented Kernsolvat®, we set a new standard for purity in base oil. Kernsolvat® is a paraffin-based, pure oil that provides the best basis for producing high-quality lubricants. Due to its high oxidation and color stability, very good viscosity-temperature behavior, low evaporation loss, and low sulfur content, Kernsolvat® is very well suited for producing motor, gear, hydraulic, industrial, and other oils. It is the ideal base oil for use in the industrial sector. We offer Kernsolvat®, unmatched in quality throughout the industry, in various viscosity classifications.

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