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AVISTA OIL is an upcycling company with tradition. Through technical innovations as well as organic and inorganic growth, it has become a pioneer in its sector.


Company principle: Satisfaction:

The company's principles point the way to the ambitious goals of AVISTA OIL. Satisfied customers and satisfied, motivated and qualified employees are an essential part of our success. Within the company and vis-à-vis external stakeholders, we are a fair, honest and reliable partner. We build on the knowledge of our employees and are proud of their competence.


Corporate Principle: Responsibility:

We take responsibility for what we do: Ethics and integrity are the cornerstones of our way of working. In doing so, we abide by applicable law and regulations and firmly reject illegal transactions. As a fair business partner, we stand for reliability and reliability and do not participate in price-fixing or corrupt business practices. Transparency plays a decisive role in this and is written in capital letters in both external and internal communication.


Corporate Principle: Quality:

We offer high-quality products and services. In this way, we intend to further expand our market position and strengthen our profitability. Continuous quality assurance plays a decisive role here. 


Corporate principle Cohesion:

As members of the same company in different locations, we all pull together and solve problems together. Collegiality and helpfulness serve to achieve and sustainably record our goals. We value the independence of each individual part of the company and the familiar atmosphere that prevails there.