Responsibility in

Marc Verfürth

Chair of the Executive Board (CEO)

Marc Verfürth has been working with AVISTA OIL AG since 1992. He was named to the executive board in 2007, and is responsible for the sales, purchasing, logistics, and retail divisions, among other responsibilities. As of 2014, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of the AVISTA OIL Group, contributing his long-term corporate and industry experience to the company.

Benedikt Fuhlrott

Member of the Executive Board (CFO)

Benedikt Fuhlrott has been responsible for the company's financial area since 2010. He was named a member of the executive board in 2012, and is responsible for the departments of finance and accounting, controlling, personnel and taxes, and IT, among other areas. Before joining AVISTA OIL in 2007, he spent five years at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Dr. Detlev Bruhnke

Member of the Executive Board (CTO)

Dr. Bruhnke has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and joined AVISTA OIL as a laboratory manager in 1991. He has been responsible for executive responsibilities in production, development, and quality management, among other areas, since 2007. Dr. Detlev Bruhnke is also the Managing Director of AVISTA OIL Deutschland GmbH, and represents the AVISTA OIL Group on various national and international boards such as the Bundesverband Altöl (BVA) or the Groupement Européen de l’Industrie de la Régénération (GEIR).