Dr. Andreas Weinberger

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Andreas Weinberger has a Ph.D. in business administration and worked in leading positions in the banking industry for many years before moving to AVISTA OIL to become Chairman of the executive board.

Dr. Jürgen Kaiser-Gerwens

Dr. Jürgen Kaiser-Gerwens has been a member of the advisory board since April 2015.

Christian Mustad

Trained engineer Christian Mustad has long-term experience as an entrepreneur and manager, including as Director and Chairman of the supervisory board for the Mustad International Group and as a member of the advisory boards for various international companies.

Mirco Thelen

Mirco Thelen is a trained economist and has been a member of the AVISTA OIL AG advisory board since 2017. He is an investment manager in the private equity field for Nord Holding, and is responsible for advising a variety of portfolio companies. Previously, Mr. Thelen worked as an investment manager at NORD/LB for several years.