Dr. Andreas Weinberger

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Dr. Andreas Weinberger has a Ph.D. in business administration and worked in leading positions in the banking industry for many years before moving to AVISTA OIL to become Chairman of the executive board.

Bernd Depping

Deputy chair

Attorney Bernd Depping specializes in the areas of economic and tax law and has many years of experience as an insolvency administrator.

Dr. Jürgen Kaiser-Gerwens

Dr. Jürgen Kaiser-Gerwens has been a member of the advisory board since April 2015.

Christian Mustad

Trained engineer Christian Mustad has long-term experience as an entrepreneur and manager, including as Director and Chairman of the supervisory board for the Mustad International Group and as a member of the advisory boards for various international companies.

Mirco Thelen

Mirco Thelen is a trained economist and has been a member of the AVISTA OIL AG advisory board since 2017. He is an investment manager in the private equity field for Nord Holding, and is responsible for advising a variety of portfolio companies. Previously, Mr. Thelen worked as an investment manager at NORD/LB for several years.