Dr. Andreas Weinberger

Chairman of the Advisory Board

The doctoral degrees Diplom-Kaufmann Dr. Andreas Weinberger worked for many years in leading positions in the banking industry before he conducted the business of AVISTA OIL until 2011 as CEO. He has many years of entrepreneurial and management experience, among others as a member of the supervisory board in various international family businesses.

Matthäus Niewodniczanski

Matthäus Niewodniczanski is a graduate in business administration and is a member of the Supervisory Board of AVISTA OIL AG since 2019. He has since 1994 worked in various functions for the Simon Family, in Bitburg which is brewing and marketing premium beer for 200 years. Since 2000, he is the managing director of Bitburger Holding and responsible for the further development and management of the investment business

Dr. Johannes Fritz

Dr. Johannes Fritz is a member of the Supervisory Board since 2019. He leads the Family Office of Mrs. Susanne Klatten and Mr. Stefan Quandt and is managing director of SKion GmbH. Prior to joining the Family Office in 1989, he was with KPMG (as a tax consultant and accountant); Previously, he was a management assistant at Bertelsmann.

Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands

Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands is a lawyer and is a member of the Supervisory Board of AVISTA OIL AG since 2019. He is a Managing Director of Bitburger Holding GmbH since 2019 and is responsible for the management of various portfolio companies as well as for law and taxes. Previously, he worked as a partner of the law firm Freshfields and subsequently since 2004 as CFO of the Messer Group GmbH.

Thorsten Drosch

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Thorsten Drosch holds a degree in business administration and has been a member of the Supervisory Board of AVISTA OIL AG since 2018. He is investment manager at SKion GmbH, where he is also responsible for finance. Prior to that, Mr. Drosch worked for 15 years in the fields of auditing, transaction consulting and business valuation for an auditing company.