Five steps to a successful application

Every application is an expression of your own personality. What qualifies me for this job? Why am I convinced that I am right for this position? These and many more questions are crucial for a successful application. With the following tips we want to give you a little help on the subject of applications to us.


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Cover letter

The cover letter should focus on strengths and qualifications and provide information on how suitable you are for the position to be filled. "Why exactly me and not somebody else?" We would also like to know why the application is being made in the first place. "What excites me about the company?" So that we can assign the application to the correct application process, please also indicate the position for which you are applying. We would also like to learn something about the current professional situation.

Curriculum vitae

A curriculum vitae shows the most important and, for the intended position, most relevant core data on one's own personality. Above all, however, the résumé should be understandable. In addition to the standard elements such as name and address, the skills that are decisive for the position are particularly important to us. Tip: these are usually already in the job advertisement.


If the application is for an apprenticeship position, please submit the two current certificates of the school you attended.

If you are applying for direct entry, please enclose references from previous employers as well as an interim report on your current employment.

When applying for an apprenticeship position or direct entry, as well as applications for working student activities / internships / thesis, all relevant previous school and university degrees should be documented with a certificate.


Seminars, training courses or internships should be mentioned in the application and attached as an attachment by means of corresponding certificates.


Applications can be conveniently submitted online in our career portal. The protection of personal data is guaranteed at all times. All entered data is processed according to the latest security standards.

In the career portal you should take a few minutes to enter your personal information. Cover sheet, cover letter, curriculum vitae, certificates and other documents can be sent in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .gif or .png formats with a max. 10 MB per file (20 MB total) can be uploaded.